The ultramarathon is exactly one month away, and I am thinking of dropping out. No good excuses (although will have two if my boyfriend and parents must cancel their travel plans for work-related endeavors that they are trying hard to avoid, but anyway); 50 miles is just a long way to run. I’m getting scared. Ran 20 miles last month and felt great; I ended the run wanting to go further. But on Tuesday, set out for 30 and could only finish 16. I couldn’t breathe; the heat felt oppressive. My energy gels made me sick. I couldn’t drink enough water—until I drank too much. And I kept thinking, What’s the point of all this?! So, runners, tell me: When you lose sight of the goal, how do you get it back? Or do you get it back? When do you know that you really ought to throw in the towel? And what do you regret most—the agony of finishing when you feel like you’re going to die or the agony of quitting before you even begin?

  1. losingweightinthecity answered: If the rest of your training has been solid, I wouldn’t give up! You’re so close. Also if this heat ever breaks, things will be much better.
  2. momdressedmethismorning said: Stay focused. Fight the good fight. Keep the faith. Finish the race. Trust in your training and your desire to succeed. Take a day or two off. Get a massage or take a swim. Reset your brain and get back at it!
  3. wwsd answered: The pain will vanish, but the feeling of quitting won’t.You find a lot about yourself outside of your comfort zone. you can do it :-)
  4. canttuchthis said: If you figure it out, let me know! My first marathon is a month from tomorrow.
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