Three stories.

My parents love to reminisce about a party they threw, I believe it was when they lived in Darien, but then I also think maybe it happened in Virginia. My mom, she was the life of the party, always stealing golf carts and stomping her feet to soul music, and they threw this party, and she got a little loaded (as she likes to say) and pulled the skirt of her dress up over her head and started drinking her beer through the fabric, and when someone asked her why she was doing that, she said it was “to get out all the impurities.” 

On her fortieth birthday my dad gave her a dime for every minute they had spent together since they first met. He stuffed a garbage bag full of one dollar bills and hung it from a hook in the living room ceiling, handed her a knife, and when she tore open the bag like a pinata, all this money burst out. We were little then, you know, and I remember jumping into this pile of ones, but it was like a mountain there were so many bills, and my mom is sitting on the floor laughing, crying probably. My father loves her so much.

I caught a stomach flu at age ten, and it was very late at night, summertime. Threw up all over my bedspread. I have a vivid memory of standing on the back deck in the middle of the night, watching Mom spray down the comforter with a garden hose. She must have been livid or at least so very tired and fed up with all these children ruining her sleep, but she never let us know it. Now when I think about the kind of mother I want to be, I think of her aiming a garden hose at my bedspread, and maybe that’s become a sort of mantra, “Just hose it down.” When things get rough, fuck the big guns. Grab the hose. Be like Mama.

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    Three of the best short stories I’ve ever read. In my mind’s eye can see my sister doing story number one. Hell, she’s...
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    what a great bunch of stories. worth the click through for a full read…
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