Sand v. gold.

There is a hill at the top of Central Park. Running counterclockwise, you start to move upward just past the ice hockey rink, and then as the road bends, a little cliff to the left, and the climb starts. On my third loop around the park yesterday, I did not think I could make it without walking. I was fifteen miles into my run and miserable. The light was fading faster than I could keep up with it. I thought, “At this point in October, I will still have 35 miles to go.” Now a thought like that can do two things to a girl: It can make her give up and stop running, exhausted simply by the number, or it can make her run faster and harder, teeth grinding down on teeth, cold hands balled into fists, volume up, until she finishes her planned eighteen miles and then, why not? She runs half a mile more. The former, that’s sand. The latter is gold.

  1. exciteandenliven said: When you write about running you are at your most genuine. I dug this post.
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