anthonymydrummer said: Hi Cary! Long time fan of FRED for sure! Quick question for you, I'm a new resident to the Durango CO area. Moved from the Natural state this previous August after I landed a job at a local social media company (and reconnected with a beardy resident.) The style here is much more laid back than my previous agency job. I'm wanting to update my wardrobe with a few casual but fun pieces. Any great staples you would suggest for a gal on a budget?

Hi! Congrats on the move and the new job. Even though your new dress code is less structured than at your previous office, you should still come to work looking sharp. Skinny jeans, velvet slippers, riding boots, and wool turtlenecks are sleek yet warm. Raid the local vintage stores for big wool sweaters—hit up the men’s departments for those as well. Bonne chance! 

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