blushscarlet said: Cary, I'm embarrassed it took me this long to think to ask YOU this question - of course you'll be able to advise me perfectly. Here's the sitch: Christmas. His house. His family. (St. Louis, as a bonus!) What the HELL do I bring all the way from La-la Land? Need presents for his mother, stepmother, father, and grandmother. I am dying over here. Love, Kate

Have you met them before? Do you know them well? If not, I’d go with small, luxurious but not too meaningful gifts that show you care but won’t, like, require a lot of time, thought, or money. Little crystal or silver catch-all trays¬†are grandmother-approved, and depending on his father’s interests, maybe a book? Like if he loves motorcycles, a coffee table tome about vintage Indian bikes? As for the mother and stepmom, in Saint Louis, they all go ga-ga for Tory Burch, Kate Spade, et al., but if you were my son’s girlfriend, I would squeal with delight at a gift certificate to my favorite local spa.

Ask. Answer. Anything.

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