Anonymous said: Cary, I recently broke up with my high school sweetheart of eight years (we are still friends). So, here I am, a 26 year old who has never dated. I despise superficial relationships, so playing the field, so to speak, sounds horrific to me. How do I navigate this strange world of NYC men? Help a sister out!

Sorry your relationship didn’t work out with the high school sweetie, but congratulations on diving into the dating pool. (Watch out for sharks!)

My advice to you is this: Do not give it a second thought.

At 26, you’re probably too busy to eat or sleep, much less date, so pack your schedule, and the next potential ex-husband will soon make himself known. Work hard, play with your friends, say yes to every party invitation, and get yourself into awesome shape. I’ve met guys everywhere—Flywheel, the office, private jets to Vegas—but never when hunting for them. They really do fall out of the sky! Keep doing you, girl. Be a bold bitch, and the men will follow. 

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