victoriaelyse said: Cary, help a girl out. I agreed to attend a wedding with a guy I'm (very) recently seeing. The event takes place next Saturday, so I'm wondering what to wear--temperatures are going to be in the upper sixties, and rain is predicted (thanks, Alabama!). Also, my ex will be in attendance as well, so I'd like to show up in something that kicks ass in more ways than one, while keeping a certain sophistication in check. Endless thanks in advance, miss!

Weddings! Stop stressing; you’re going to have a blast. This one doubles as a holiday party so go forth festively in a velvet or lace dress. Remember, black is a no no at weddings, but navy is dark and sensual and pairs beautiful with gold drop earrings and a ruby red lip. Now kick up your gold heels, toast the bride and groom, and tell your ex to eat his heart out.

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