Two of my favorite places in all of New York: The first is a quarter-mile strip of green in Riverside Park, just below the Boat Basin, just above Intrepid. Dune grass grows waist high, and weeping willows—finally mature after three years that I watched them grow—dip over curving boardwalks. So much green, now sun-bleached and dying, and then above them: towers, blue sky, highway. Water on the other side. It’s a little chaotic but so peaceful, and it smells like beach, like all that grass and tide. Run fast enough, and you won’t even know you missed it. The second is the Gowanus Canal. Quiet (deserted), toxic and filthy, but water. A good six-mile run from my front door in Manhattan. Those boats make it feel like home.

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    Gowanus is pretty awesome, especially with all of the work from dedicated volunteers and Gowanus Canal Conservancy....
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    Love running through Riverside Park & the West Side Highway! They’re a great escape from city life.
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